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Features of a Great Photo Booth

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When you are hosting an event and you want it to be memorable and uniquely different, you should incorporate extra features. Regardless of whether it is an official or a casual affair, introducing a photo booth will really liven things up. Photo booths have really evolved and they come with impressive features that will awe you. If you are not well versed with some of these features, it can be very confusing choosing a booth. Some of these features found in the booths are a must have while others are add-ons. After you are informed about some of these features, renting a photo booth will be a piece of cake.

In this modern era of digital awakening, a photo booth worth talking home about should not be left behind as far as technology is concerned. There has never been a more tech-savvy generation and they are used to digital things in all they do. So if you will be inviting tech-savvy guests, rent a booth with a touchscreen. In this way, initiating the on-screen menu will provide a host of options. A touch screen menu also gives the event-goers all the options at one go giving them a wider choice of functions.

Gone are the days when a photo booth could only produce still photos; and that was it. Today it is quite possible to rent a photo booth that records short videos. The videos come in high definition thus making viewing pleasant. This is an exemplary way for the guests to convey their appreciation, admiration, and thanks to the host via short video message. This is an ideal way for the guests to convey their heartfelt messages especially when they wanted to speak but didn't get a chance.

You can rarely find two events with exactly the same theme and so great photo booth operators should always be armed with a prop box catering for diverse themes. Some events like birthday parties and corporate in-house parties might require a wide variety of props. Therefore if you need props to spice up your event make sure that the booth is equipped with some. A worthy photo booth rental should be ready with different types of props for any conceivable event. The props include but are not limited to hats, masks, mustaches, wigs, glasses, just to mention but a few.

If you want the memories of your event to stand the test of time, having printed photos should be non-negotiable. If the guests wish to, their photos should be printed instantly. A booth which can customize the photos would be a great idea. This feature can incorporate the logo of the host or a graphics overlay onto the photo. This is a great way for people to remember your event for ages to come.

In the age where social media rules the world, it would be a grave error to rent a photo booth that does not have compatibility with social media platforms. Therefore it is crucial that you select a booth that has a social media sharing option. If you would love for your event to trend widely, rent a photo booth with this feature. Guests can use the touch screen to instantly share photos and videos to their social media accounts. By following the tips given here, choosing an appropriate photo booth hire will be an easy task.